Welcome to an interactive artwork that explores the concept of the #ResponsibilityDilemma. Enter an engaging experience where participants are invited to don a flower crown and take a professional photograph. Be aware, however, that wearing the crown may cause discomfort. Faced with a choice, participants must decide whether to accept the consequences and wear the crown for an outstanding photo, or opt out and forgo the photo.

This artwork is a thought-provoking challenge that raises profound questions about the interplay between personal desires and responsibility for our actions. It encourages reflection on the tendency to shift responsibility to external factors, and to consider the far-reaching implications of our choices.

Embark on a journey of self-exploration, exploring the delicate balance between individual aspirations and societal obligations. The experience is designed to inspire a deeper understanding of the choices we make and the ripple effect they have. The #ResponsibilityDilemma invites participants to question the notion of personal responsibility and cultivate a heightened awareness of the consequences of our actions.


Conceptual art/social sculpture/object, 2023, Material: polished brass Photos: Karin Hackl